The LCSA tool supports tracking and assessment industrial-park sustainability. It has a simple  graphical user interfaces and logics allowing the definition of sustainabiliy KPIs, cluster-level indicators aggregation, cut-off criteria, sustainability characterization of company inputs and outputs.

In the following videos it is possible to see some of the functionalities of the LCSA tool.


LCSA tool: Input creation

In this example the production unit is a Cement Factory which has an input of 1000 Kg/period. First, the user creates a production unit and defines a raw material input, specifing the quantity used in the period. Then it creates another production unit which has a by-product that can substitute the raw material, then links the output of the new production unit to the previously defined input.

LCSA tool: Flow creation

The user selects a material flow and characterizes the processes that are involved for each unit of material exchanged on that flow, in the example the user is modelling  that the scrap sand sent to the cement factory must be transported using a truck for 30 Km.

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LCSA tool: Process characterization

This video shows the process database, where processes are characterized defining their LCA impact indicators. These are divided in Economical, Environmental and  Social, quality of the data is also recorded.

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LCSA tool: Scenario optimization

In this example, the user uses the optimizer to obtain the optimal scenario which minimizes the global impact. Having different indicators, the user must select an optimization criteria. Each optimization criteria is a set of weights for each indicator.

 LCSA tool: Analysis of the scenarios

In this video the comparison of the results coming from the different scenarios are saved in order to be analysed and compared. This functionality has been developed to support the decision makers to decide which is the best symbiosis solution.