SUPSI and Gr3n organized with the Association of Tessin Industries (AITI) a workshop at SUPSI facilities on 31st January 2017. The workshop "Circular Economy experiences: sustainable product, process and business models" was meant to provide to participants a wider definition of Circular Economy, going beyond the mere recycling concept, and share tools and business models that lead to a ridefinition of production processes, products and services, maximizing circular economy impacts. Within the workshop, diverse experiences from industries have been shared, discussing the effective implementation of circular economy practices.

The workshop included the following speeches:

  • Introduction to Circular Economy
  • Life Cycle Thinking and LCA role in the context of Circular Economy
  • Reverse logistics and servitization
  • Cluster of companies, industrial symbiosis and innovative business models
  • Gr3n recycling and the SYMBIOPTIMA project

The workshop was attended by about 20 participants from both scientific (though few) and local industrial communities from different sectors (pharmaceutical, chemical, textile, mechanical and consumer goods). The audience was very interested and gained a deeper knowledge on the concept and methodologies for the adoption of circular economy business models. In particular, the discussion pointed out:

  • Companies' interest in understanding the practical implementation of proposed methodologies: how industrial symbiosis-based business can be implemented in a real case? How to assess the sustainability impacts of circular economy approach adoption?
  • Companies' discovery of new business models for embracing circular economy and, in particular, industrial symbiosis;
  • Stimulated reflection on possible new exchanges between participating companies in the workshop and their suppliers or other companies:
  • raised new opportunities of application of the Gr3n technology developed within SYMBIOPTIMA to other sectors, for example the textile one. 

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